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On September 12, 1900, the St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church was organized by a committed group of servants in Humble, Texas under the pastoral leadership of the Reverend R. F. Skinner.  The first sanctuary was located in the city of Humble, behind the Lindsay Lumber Co.  After almost thirty years of faithful service in this location, late one night, the white citizens of Humble held a town meeting.  The result of that meeting was a unanimous decision to ask the black citizens of Humble to relocate to an undeveloped location on the outskirts of town.  That area soon became known as “Bordersville,” a community with a rich and often untold story.

Bordersville began its development in 1927 when the Humble sawmill closed and blacks that had worked there were forced to leave.  Edgar Borders opened a mill nearby, hired some of the unemployed, and provided housing for them as well.  In the early part of the 1930s, St. Luke was moved to the Bordersville community.  A mule team provided by Ellis Hearn moved the church building and the land was donated by Arthur and Hattie Holland who owned a local grocery store.  St. Luke quickly became not only a physical resource but also a spiritual reservoir to the developing community.

St. Luke has attempted to not only impact the community spiritually but socially as well.  Many of the members led voter registration drives as well as campaigns to ensure that Bordersville residents had equal access to city and state resources.  Though attention to these needs was not met immediately, the members didn’t give up and eventually succeeded.  Despite the adversity of the 1960s, Laura M. Hill, a St. Luke member, became one of the first black female principals in the Aldine Independent School District.

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