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Reese & Community Volunteer Fire Compmany - Carroll County, Maryland

In 1947, the following men gathered at Caple’s garage in Reese to discuss the possibility of starting a fire company. Lexy Caple, Sterling Shipley, Harry Woodward, Cleveland Knight, Russell Knouse, Chester Taylor, Joseph Taylor, Irving Blum, and Holliday Blizzard were in attendance. After much discussion among themselves, they each contributed money to purchase postcards to be sent to the surrounding communities. A meeting was also called to be held in Caple’s garage for the purpose of organizing a fire company. On the evening of January 26, 1948, several people of Reese and the surrounding communities held a meeting at the garage to discuss the pros and cons of establishing a volunteer company. The meeting was opened by Mr. James R. Shilling, who explained the necessity for such an organization. It was decided that a governing body be elected to start the groundwork and get more information. At this time Mr. George Gassman was elected as a temporary president. He selected Mr. James Hook as secretary and Mr. James Shilling as treasurer. It was also decided that the name of the new company would be The Reese and Community Volunteer Fire Company of Carroll County. This name was later changed to the Reese and Community Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.

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