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Malad City, with its rich heritage and tradition, is the Oneida County seat.  The community is nestled snugly on the east side of the Malad Valley, thirteen miles from the Utah/Idaho border along Interstate 15.  A  community of about 2,095, it still has that “Home Town” atmosphere, where everyone knows each other by first names and greets you with a smile.  Malad offers comfortable living without the big-city headaches.  Living in Malad will offer a unique opportunity to experience the serenity and fun of a country town.  The total population of Oneida County from the 2010 census is 4,184. There are several other smaller communities within Oneida County, with Malad City being the only incorporated city.

Fishing is one of Oneida County’s calls to fame.  With 7 reservoirs, fishing can be enjoyed all year round.  Daniels Reservoir is famous for producing trophy-sized trout.  Kokanee Salmon can be found in several of the reservoirs.

You may also enjoy water skiing, jet skiing, canoeing, boating, and swimming. Our public lands abound with miles of trails accessible by foot, horseback, and all-terrain vehicles. All in all, camping and outdoor activities for the area are hard to beat.  And you won’t find crowds here!
To see more of Malad and Oneida County watch our video
(The video is narrated by the late Colen H. Sweeten, Jr. a former Oneida County Recorder and well-known cowboy poet)

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