New Faith Baptist Church

where the word is taught, the gospel is preached and souls are saved..

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For the first time in human history, the world has truly become a global village. The worldwide web provides unique opportunities for communications and fellowship to exist. The natural barriers of geography and travel have been severely crippled by the world wide web, enabling the people of the world to touch one another substantively. The Lord God, who is in covenant with His people, should be praised and honor for giving us life during these most exciting and outstanding end times!

We encourage you to browse and surf through our options menu. The MINISTRY heading lets you know about our programs and worship information. The VISION STATEMENT heading reveals our theological framework and spiritual modus operandi. The HISTORY heading presents our documented journey as a people of God. This section also includes a section on each of the outstanding pastors of New Faith Missionary Baptist Church. The WORSHIP ARCHIVES heading includes past and present Church sermons via Real Audio. The MINISTRY EXPANSION section seeks to inform you of the extended ministries of New Faith Missionary Baptist Church. Pray and support us in any way that you are led by God to do, we sincerely appreciate you! Help us reach the world for the cause and kingdom of Christ Jesus!

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