I am Dr. Michael Johnson. Most of our clients know me as Dr. Mike or Doc. Unfortunately, after being here since 1987, a few still call me Dr. Mansfield. That’s OK because who I am doesn’t matter as much as what I do. You can get all of that personal stuff about me and the staff in our about us section.

I just want to promise you that everyone here at Mansfield Animal Hospital wants to take care of your pets as if they were our own. I work hard to keep up with the best new developments in veterinary medicine as well as having over 25 years of experience to draw from. Most of our staff have specialized training in areas to help the practice. We offer advanced laboratory, radiology, and surgical resources here that you would normally have to go to a much larger city to obtain. What makes this more remarkable is that all vet practices here in Hopkinsville practice at a higher level then in any similar size town I have ever seen. If you live here or even near here you can find excellent veterinary care. I hope Mansfield Animal Hospital is your first choice but if not, choose a vet and take care of your pet.

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