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Phyllis Abbott originally operating as two organizations, Sheppard’s Hands and Lady Vets Connect made the decision to join forces to become Lady Veterans Connect, a 501(c)(3) organization, after realizing together they made a powerful team. Lady Veterans Connect streamlined the work of both entities into one to provide high-quality, comprehensive services to Lady Veterans to assist transitional support and prevent homelessness.
One by one the team continues to grow, each bringing his/her gifts, specialties, ideas, and visions on how to better serve Lady Veterans and their families. Under the new organization, renovation is currently taking place at Trapp Elementary School in Winchester, KY, a 22,000 sq ft facility that will house Lady Veterans and their children with a maximum capacity of 35.
Work continues with the Lady Veterans in the Thurman-Abbott Home in Lexington, KY.
Workshops, Expos, and much more are planned to connect our Lady Veterans.

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