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King Baptist Church Denver Colorado, African American Family based Church. Pastor Terence Hendricks

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King Baptist Church is one of just a few churches that has received permission to be named in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We thank the Master for using him in such a mighty way to bring change to our country and our world.

Our church is one that worships the Lord with fervor.  We strive to make love supreme.  We seek to minister to every vital need man has from a biblical perspective. We have over 70 ministries.  Although we are Baptist, all are welcome in this house.  We pray that God will have His way among us.  We seek to minister both in our local community and to the worldwide community.

Although we are in an urban setting, we still have a close and small community feel.  Three things will happen to all who regularly attend.  You will be loved, you will grow spiritually, and you will hear the Lord speak directly to you.  Come to King Baptist Church and help us grow in Jesus Christ, together!

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