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Insurance is a must for many and in most states, there is a large range of insurance policies that are required by law. It is helpful to know what policies you may be required to hold, how to go about purchasing these policies, and a bit about who can help you select the policies that are going to be the most beneficial to you and to your family.

At Heffers Insurance Agency, we understand that car insurance is the first and most common type of insurance. Your insurance agent can help you select the policy that is going to keep you legal in your state and that is going to help you keep your car and your property safe and covered.

Homeowners insurance is another type of insurance you are likely to be required to hold. This type of insurance will help protect you and your mortgage lender in the event of life-changing damage to your home. If your home burns down, falls in, or is damaged to the point that it has to be rebuilt or that it cannot be lived in your insurance will help you to pay to have your home rebuilt so that you can continue to live.

One of our independent agents can help you to find the coverage you need to be legal, to be well covered and safe so that you can be sure your insurance is going to work for you not against you. Heffers Insurance Agency can help you to find the policy that is going to be right for you.

Contact Heffers Insurance Agency by calling toll free (877) 318-8863 or use the convenient online form or stop by our office to meet the friendly people of Heffers Insurance Agency at 11-2nd Ave in Kingston, Pennsylvania to get a flood insurance quote or a quote for any of your other insurance needs. We are happy to help you.

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