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In 1980, God spoke to Elder John D. Young and told him to go to Augusta, Georgia, and start a church. On November 11, 1980, Apostolic Holy Temple was established on 8th and Hopkins Street. After worshipping at this location for six months, Apostolic Holy Temple moved to 3443 Morgan Road, Hephzibah, Georgia. This second location was a 7-11 store that sold bread for the flesh; however, God made it an Apostolic church, so men could receive bread for the soul, from the word of God.  In 1991, a larger sanctuary was built with a seating capacity of 350, to accommodate the influx of souls. God has indeed fulfilled the vision he gave District Elder John D. Young. On January 9, 1995, District Elder John D. Young died, and on February 24, 1995, Elder Booker T. Hayes Jr. became the Pastor of the Greater Apostolic Holy Temple. Under his leadership, the church mortgage was burned and many building improvements were accomplished. God has revealed his glory and power by taking Greater Apostolic Holy Temple to higher levels that have produced deliverance, healing, and growth both spiritually and physically. Wherefore, by obtaining help from God, Bishop Booker T. Hayes Jr., and Greater Apostolic Holy Temple continue this day.

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