Cercone Exterior Restoration Corp. has set the industry standard of excellence in the field of commercial, industrial and residential exterior restoration. Through attention to detail, timely work completion, efficiency, safety and the ability to finance large scale projects, we have forged a reputation second to none.

Founded by a schooled, trained and experienced Architect (specializing only in the field of high-rise exterior restoration), Cercone ERC quickly set a course on a foundation of principles established in professional offices. These principles include a thorough understanding of building construction, in-depth analysis of potential repair types and respective long-term performance, and technical prowess.

Interestingly, the history of Cercone is a tradition of construction dating back three generations to 1890 when James T. Gallo formed Home Sweet Home Inc. This company later developed and built large scale apartment buildings throughout New York City and the five boroughs. As World War II approached, construction had nearly ceased due to the war effort. However, a portfolio of buildings had been amassed that would require on-going maintenance. The second generation, headed by Henry R. Cercone, managed various facade and roof maintenance projects and also developed a division of landscaping and park projects. This included sidewalks, paving and planting for the New York City Parks Department.

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