Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Medicaid Planning & Guardianship Attorneys
Our firm practices primarily in the areas of estate planning, estate and trust administration, Medicaid planning, and guardianship. Collectively, these areas may be referred to as “Elder law”, but this in no way limits our clientele to those who are aging or elderly. We serve a variety of families and individuals in every stage of life as they plan for themselves and loved ones, assist family members with health care and general decision-making, and wind up the affairs of loved ones who pass on.

Throughout our lives, we all do extensive planning. We plan our days, vacations, weddings, birthday parties, and reunions. We also plan lifechanging events such as starting a family, job or career changes, retirement, and our children’s educations. However, we overlook lifetime planning. Lifetime planning is a comprehensive compilation of our most important values and objectives. Lifetime planning may encompass things like charitable giving, regular tithing, wealth transfer planning, college/higher education funding, and creating a legacy for heirs. It may also include things like preparing for the loss of capacity or physical abilities, end-of-life decisions, death, and post-death.

Discussing topics such as family care, incapacity, end-of-life decisions, lifetime gifting gifts, and bequests at death can sometimes be extremely difficult and painful to consider. Part of our job is to help our clients (1) identify their objectives, (2) navigate their options, and (3) create a written plan tailored to their unique situation. We are in the best position to help when clients are willing to share their life stories with us. Who is your family and how are those dynamics? What is your history? How is your health? What are your acquisitions and accomplishments? What are your values and priorities?

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