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ARTneo, formerly the Cleveland Artists Foundation (CAF), was founded in 1984 by Cleveland-based artists, patrons, and collectors who recognized the need to establish an organization that would preserve, research, collects, and exhibit the most significant visual art of the Northeast Ohio region.  At the heart of ARTneo’s mission are a collection of more than 3,000 paintings, prints, ceramics, and sculptures.  As the Cleveland Artist Foundation, the organization’s mission historically focused on a group of artists known as the “Cleveland School” that was active from 1900-1950.  For the past twenty-five years, ARTneo has broadened its historical scope to integrate the contributions of artists who were active before and since the “Cleveland School.”  We now focus on the achievements of the most significant artists in Northeast Ohio whose period of productivity encompasses the past fifty years.

Due to this expanded scope, ARTneo has transformed into the premier center for the art of Northeast Ohio, owing to both its significant collecting initiative and to its commitment to creative exhibition planning and educational outreach.  It is the only museum that caters exclusively to the acquisition of regional art, while not charging an admission fee.  The museum is supported through cash and in-kind contributions of many individuals, foundations, corporations, and through state funding, membership, and fundraisers.

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